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Hallstatt, Austria | AparnaS


Hallstatt, Austria | AparnaS

Yumi Sakugawa

to play strip chess you actually need a fair few items of clothing to start with

update: if you want to know about my life thing

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modern cars are like clusters of interlocking oblongs constantly falling in and out of each other


Favourite Trek Episodes: Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)

"Walk with the Prophets brother Benny! Write the words that will lead us out of the darkness and onto the path of righteousness”

still alive. trying to study for latin but accidentally writing fantasy as an outlet for language creativity and philosophy thoughts

when my exams are over i promise i’ll try be a social human again

sendin positive thoughts to all u lovely people <3

so umm i can’t be sure but I think maybe tumblr could be unhealthy for me at the moment.

there are cool people on here who I wanna be friends with but I can’t cope with the thing where your blog is like this thing you construct to represent yourself so people will like you.

probably shouldn’t come back till I feel okay
I can go elsewhere for pretty pictures and activism
bye guys


Can we talk about the fact that Australians are praising a 15 year old girl as a hero because she showed she was braver than every weak ass dude at that protest and started a sit-in, at probably her first ever protest, because the “official” ending was so…



Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways!!!!

(indiegogo campaign here)

um wow?!

there isn’t enough of anything
as long as we live. But at intervals
a sweetness appears and, given a chance
― Raymond Carver (via psych-quotes)